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8848-house is Online Halal Foods Shop in japan.
We provides Halal Foods(ハラルフード), Spice(スパイス), WaiWai Noodle(ワイワイヌードル), Nepali Spicy(ネパーリースパイシー), Indian Spicy(インドスパイシー), Basmati Rice(バサマティライス), Tooth Paste(ティースペースト).


1-3-11 Sunatsu, Kita-ku, Kokura, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka, Japan.



Restaurant (Nepalese and Indian cuisine)

ホットペッパーグルメ(Hot Pepper Gourmet)
If you want to make a reservation at 8848HOUSE (Western Cuisine/Curry), you can use our coupons and get points for 24-hour online reservation! Our recommendation is to have a counter seat at lunch time or dinner time for those who come alone.


Check out Hachi Hachi Yon Hachi House/8848HOUSE (Heiwadori/Nepalese Cuisine) on 食べログ(Tabe log)! It is full of user’s real information such as reviews, ratings, and photos! It also provides detailed information such as a map and a men


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